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Learn to Argentine Tango from the best Tango Teacher in Buffalo! - Travis Widrick 

Travis Michael Widrick 

Travis has over 10 years of dancing and teaching experience. He specialized in the art of Argentine tango as it is danced in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  You will not find a more authentic teacher and kinder soul than Travis. He is patient and dedicated to ensuring you have fun and reach your full potencial as a dancer. There is no limit to who can dance the Tango. Dancing Argentine Tango is for everyone regardless of your dance experience or background. Parters are always welcomed, as is coming solo. 

Private Lesson Packages

Private lessons - 1 couple    $80 / hour

Semi-private lessons - 2 to 5 couples    $100 / hour 

Date night lesson - 1 couple $80 / hour,  2 couples  $100 / hour 

Wedding dance lessons - Please contact Travis to discuss Wedding Dance Packages. 


By phone  716 517 7047 

By email   [email protected]  

Testimonial - 

" By taking private lessons with Travis, I learned more about the connection & the musicality. I discovered an awakening within myself. I learned things about myself I didn't know I had. Travis helped me take that "leap of faith" in myself and my ability to dance Tango. I realized I had developed some habits that I needed to break to improve my technique. Travis helped me recognize these and not beat myself down.  He had a way of uplifting a person and encouraging them. The grace and empathy that he has along with the passion for Tango, gave inspiration to me. The private lessons were more personal, focusing on me. They empowered me to go out on the dance floor & enter that embrace. Thank you, Travis!    Carol Obot