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Teaching tango to help slow effects of Alzheimer's

Incipient dementia / Alzheimer's 

Everyone gets dementia or Alzheimer's - you just have to be old enough. 
Degenerative brain processes take place daily. What can you do about it?

Music has proven to be helpful, because it ensures that instead of the default memory other brain regions are booted. That is why musicians only become ill with Alzheimer's relatively late in life and conductors who are permanently moving around seem not get the disease at all. Our brain is constantly adjusted to growth and remodeling and constantly produces new cholesterol. If we do not install this in synapses, the result is more amyloid (harmful proteins that are responsible for dementia/Alzheimer's). 
Source: Prof. Konrad Beyreuther, in 'Gehirn & Geist' 

Tango Therapy exercises
These findings Tango Therapy makes use of. It links motor exercises with music and logical exercises.