Argentine Tango Dance School  
Buffalo, New York 


Argentine Tango dance 
classes in Buffalo, New York


Started November 2017 | Founder Travis Widrick 

The MANTRIBE is a Mens only support group that meets monthly at The Pop IN to discuss mens issues, share stories and build a community of men empowering men to follow their hearts and share their emotions.

The Mantribe is not directly related to Travis Widrick Tango School classes, however any man interested in learning Argentine tango will also benefit in talking about, trust, intimacy, emotion, women and feelings. Tango will bring all of these to the surface and give you a head start toward being an even better Tango Dancer.


Yes, thats right! Due to a large number of men immigrating to Buenos Aires,  it was common for men to 
practice and dance with other men in order to learn to Tango. 

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