Professional Argentine Tango Dance Instructor 

Owner | Travis Widrick Tango School in Buffalo, New York

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Founder - ESO! Buffalo Tango Marathon 2013 - 2018

My name is Travis Widrick. I am a Argentine Tango Instructor.


I grew up on a dairy farm in upstate New York and now live in Buffalo, NY with my wife Tiniko. 

I love Buffalo! Many of my tango students are Buffalonians of all ages and backgrounds who are eager to find that something special that makes them feel alive. Come to find out, dancing tango is the cats MEOW. 

I have trained with hundreds of Tango Instructors for more that 10 years, but I pay homage to my teaching expertise from the 3 months I lives in Buenos Aires Argentina. In case you didn't know Buenos Aires is the Mecca of Tango.  

I teach tango to individuals, couples and groups. Students learn for three popular reasons. Social dancing,  a date night or wedding dances.  I am best at making my students feel comfortable, and finding that place where you have fun and are challenged at the same time. 

When I am not teaching tango, I enjoy hiking, biking, photography (I'm a Pet Photographer too), playing guitar, making sourdough bread, pizza and pasta from scratch, eating, drinking wine and spending time with my lovely wife Tiniko.    

I believe that learning Tango is so much more than what you see in Scent of a Woman or Dancing with the Stars. Learning Tango is a dance that makes you feel alive. It brings out emotion, tenderness and excitement all at once.  It is a synthesis of motion, emotion and music together with another person. 

I look forward to seeing you in the dance floor soon.



Testimonial - Carol Obot

" By taking private lessons with Travis, I learned more about the connection & the musicality. I discovered an awakening within myself. I learned things about myself I didn't know I had. Travis helped me take that "leap of faith" in myself and my ability to dance Tango. I realized I had developed some habits that I needed to break to improve my technique. Travis helped me recognize these and not beat myself down.  He had a way of uplifting a person and encouraging them. The grace and empathy that he has along with the passion for Tango, gave inspiration to me. The private lessons were more personal, focusing on me. They empowered me to go out on the dance floor & enter that embrace. 

Thank you, Travis!