Argentine Tango in Portland with Travis 

" Travis made me believe I really could be a fabulous dancer. "   Margaret Logan



30 Day Tango Challenge (30 days – 20 hours) $1400


20 hours of personalized Argentine Tango instruction, completed within 30 days. This is the most recommended challenge where you will gain the most knowledge, comprehension, and ability, have an opportunity to practice your skills with an instructor, and reach the highest sense of comfort and confidence on any dancefloor. This challenge requires a serious commitment, and with that, offers the biggest rewards. This challenge is recommended to anyone who would like to dedicate themselves to jumpstart their tango journey and provides the biggest transformation in you as a dancer.

20 Day Tango Challenge (20 days – 10) hours  $750


10 hours of personalized Argentine Tango instruction, completed within 20 days. You will gain new knowledge, and comprehension and ability, have an opportunity to practice your skills with an instructor, and reach a sense of comfort and improved confidence in your dance. This challenge requires a medium level of commitment and offers short term achievements. This challenge is recommended to anyone who would like to get an introduction, hone in on a certain skill set, improve technique, clean up bad habits, or to simply get a refresher.

Single private lesson - $80 / lesson

Single private lessons are available for individuals and couples. A single private lesson is 1 hour and is tailored to student(s) abilities and goals. 

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About Travis Widrick

Founder and Lead Instructor

Travis lives and teaches Tango in Portland, Maine.

He recently moved from Buffalo, NY where over

the last 10 years he established two successful

businesses; Travis Widrick Tango School and

Travis Widrick Photography.  

Travis possesses the talent to quickly identify each student’s individual needs and provide instruction in such a way that allows you to process and adapt the material in a natural and effective way, allowing you to use your newly acquired skills on the dance floor immediately, with a high degree of confidence. Travis is professional, down to earth, and patient, and strives to connect with his students in a way that allows for a collaborative and interactive learning environment.

Travis has studied with Master Tango instructors from around the world. In his career he has been invited to teach as a guest Tango Instructor and Tango DJ in cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, New York City, Boston, Pittsburgh, Chicago, San Diego, Washington DC and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Over the years he has taught Tango at schools, universities such as University at Buffalo, Buffalo State College, D'Youville and Canisius, and participated in hundreds of performances, fundraisers and community events. In addition to offering tango classes, Travis also taught Dance and Movement Therapy to Dementia and Alzheimers patients in Upstate NY and in Boston. 


" Travis is a master teacher as well as dancer and he designs each class to fit the level of your experience. His very supportive, one-on-one focus on details about this extraordinary dance form moves the understanding and learning of Tango to a whole new level.  If you are serious about learning Tango, perfecting your skills and finding new (or renewed) joy in dancing, then don't hesitate to learn from Travis.  You will surprise yourself at just what is possible."  

                                                                                                                                     Terry Beck


Argentine tango began in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina in the early 1900's and is now danced in cities all over the world. Thousands of people learn how to dance Argentine tango and attend Argentine tango dances called Milongas.  


More than just a dance, the Argentine Tango (as you will hear in this video) creates connection, feelings of emotion and invites self- expression through movement and creativity, drawing thousands of people around the world who want to share in this re-discovered dance. 


Argentine Tango is an improvised and intricate dance, with lots of technical, cultural and social aspects, and Travis Widrick Tango School believes that the best way to get effective results is to participate in a dedicated program that will allow you to enjoy the results of such a program in a short period of time.